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Continued American Occupation of the Middle East Does Not Suppress Terrorism, It Causes It

Continued American Occupation of the Middle East Does Not Suppress Terrorism, It Causes It

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris talk about MI6 spy, Christopher Steele’s, surprising testimony in a British courtroom which particulars how Hillary Clinton and the DNC had the complete pretend file lined up as the final insurance coverage coverage to discredit Donald Trump ought to he someway win the US Presidential elections.

In the meantime James Comey continues to mislead Congress on his involvement in the sluggish strolling coup concentrating on Trump, as Michael Flynn battles to exonerate himself from Mueller’s witch hunt.

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By way of Zerohedge…

Former FBI Director James Comey appeared December 17th, 2018, for a second spherical of questions by a joint Home committee oversight probe into the DOJ and FBI conduct throughout the 2016 presidential election and incoming Trump administration.

The Joint Home Committee simply launched the transcript on-line (full pdf under).

Director Blue weblog’s Doug Ross learn via most of the septic backflow so that you don’t have to. You’re welcome:

1. Double Commonplace: Obama vs. Trump

Trey Gowdy grilled Comey on his vastly totally different dealing with of feedback by Trump and Obama. When Trump requested Comey whether or not he might see his means clear to easing up on Flynn, Comey memorialized the dialog in a memo and distributed it to his management group, together with Andrew McCabe and James Baker.

Nevertheless, when President Obama on 60 Minutes publicly exonerated Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of categorised info — setting the stage for true obstruction of justice — Comey did nothing. He by no means talked to the president about potential obstruction, he by no means memorialized his observations, and he didn’t leak something to the press. These have been all issues he did with Trump.

He may name it a “higher loyalty”, however it appears to us peons like a real double-standard. Democrats get Wall Road Bankster remedy, whereas the rabble get tossed in the slammer.

2. In line with Comey, Flynn had no proper to counsel

That is fascinating:

Mr. Gowdy. Did Mr. Flynn have the proper to have counsel current throughout that interview?

Mr. Comey. No.


three. Comey confirmed McCabe referred to as Flynn to provoke “entrapment”; contradicts himself on counsel


Mr. Gowdy. Why not advise Common Flynn of the penalties of making false statements to the FBI?

Mr. Comey. …the Deputy Director [McCabe] referred to as him, advised him what the material was, informed him he was welcome to have a consultant from White Home Counsel there…

So Comey is saying that Flynn didn’t have the proper to counsel (merchandise 2), after which states that he does have the proper to a White Home counsel attending the assembly.

The lies are getting more durable and more durable to maintain straight with this egregious particular person.

four. Comey lied about McCabe’s dialog with Flynn

When requested whether or not McCabe was making an attempt to set Flynn up by asserting no counsel was wanted in the interview, Comey claimed he was unaware of that essential reality. However McCabe, in a written memo, asserted that he informed Flynn, “[i]f you have a lawyer present, we’ll need to involve the Department of Justice”.

In different phrases, McCabe was making an attempt to make sure Flynn had no counsel current throughout the interview.

5. Comey nonetheless falls again on the Logan Act rip-off to justify his actions

Sure, the Logan Act. When former secretary of state John Kerry meets with numerous Mullahs whereas President Trump is unwinding the disastrous Iran deal, there’s no crime there!

However let Flynn, a member of the Trump transition staff, have a wonderfully official dialog with a Russian diplomat, we get:

Mr. Comey. And I hesitate solely with “wrong.” I feel a Division of Justice prosecutor may say, on its face, it was problematic beneath the Logan Act as a result of of personal residents negotiating and all that enterprise.

What a mendacity sack of gumbo. At the time, Flynn was not a personal citizen. He was a member of the incoming administration, and had anybody bothered to prosecute prior transitions for comparable “crimes”, the complete Obama and Clinton posses can be breaking rocks at Leavenworth.

6. Comey Throws James Clapper Beneath the Bus

When requested by Jim Jordan about his personal assembly with the President to temporary him on a really tiny portion of the “salacious and unverified” (Comey’s phrases underneath oath) file, Comey claimed ODNI James Clapper had orchestrated the complete fiasco.

Mr. Comey. …finally, it was Clapper’s name. I agreed — we agreed that it made sense for me to do it and to do it privately, individually. So I don’t need to make it sound like I used to be ordered to do it.

He wasn’t ordered to do it, nevertheless it was Clapper’s name.


7. Jordan Torches Comey Over His File Feedback

I’ll simply depart this right here. Comey might have to put some ice on that.

Mr. Jordan. In order that’s what I’m not understanding, is you felt this was so essential that it required a personal session with you and the President-elect, you solely spoke of the salacious half of the file, however but you additionally say there’s no method any good reporter would print this. However you felt it was nonetheless essential that you simply needed to speak to the President-elect about it. And I might argue you created the very information hook that you simply stated you have been involved about…

…it’s so inflammatory that reporters would ‘get killed’ for reporting it, why was it so essential to inform the President? Notably whenever you weren’t going to inform him the relaxation of the file — about the relaxation of the file?

eight. Comey Hid Crucial Nationwide Safety Considerations About Flynn From the President

That is fairly unbelievable: in a personal dinner with the president, Comey uncared for to say that simply three days earlier he had directed the interview of Trump’s ostensible Nationwide Safety Advisor.

Mr. Comey. …at no time throughout the dinner was there a reference, allusion, point out by both of
us about the FBI having contact with Common Flynn or being focused on Common Flynn investigatively.

Mr. Jordan. That was what I needed to know. So this isn’t simply referring to the President didn’t convey it up. You didn’t deliver it up both.

Mr. Comey. Right, neither of us introduced it up or alluded to it.

Mr. Jordan. Why not? He’s speaking about Common Flynn. You had simply interviewed him three days earlier and found that he was mendacity to the Vice President, knew he was mendacity to the Vice President, and, based mostly on what we’ve heard of late, that he lied tyour brokers. Why not inform his boss, why not inform the head of the government department, why not inform the President of the United States, “Hey, your National Security Advisor just lied to us 3 days ago”?

Mr. Comey. As a result of we had an open investigation, and there can be no purpose or a necessity to inform the President about it.

Mr. Jordan. Actually?

Mr. Comey. Actually.

Mr. Jordan. You wouldn’t inform the President of the United States that his Nationwide Safety Advisor wasn’t being sq. with the FBI? … I imply, however this isn’t simply any investigation, it appears to me, Director. This can be a prime advisor to the Commander in Chief. And also you guys, based mostly on what we’ve heard, felt that he wasn’t being trustworthy with the Vice President and wasn’t trustworthy with two of your brokers. And simply three days later, you’re assembly with the President, and, oh, by the means, the dialog is about Common Flynn. And also you don’t inform the President something?

Mr. Comey. I didn’t.

Mr. Meadows. So, Director Comey, let me ensure I perceive this. You have been so involved that Michael Flynn might have lied or did misinform the Vice President of the United States, however that when you bought that confirmed, that he had advised a falsehood, you didn’t consider that it was applicable to inform the President of the United States that there was no nationwide safety danger the place you’d truly convey that to the President of the United States? Is that your testimony?

Mr. Comey. That’s right. We had an —

The extra we study, the dirtier a cop Comey finally ends up showing.

9. Gowdy Destroys the Double Commonplace of Clinton vs. Flynn

Examine this out:

Mr. Gowdy. …we’re going to distinction the choice to not permit Michael Flynn to have an lawyer, or discourage him from having one, with permitting another people the Bureau interviewed to have a number of attorneys in the room, together with reality witnesses. Are you able to see the dichotomy there, or is that an unreasonable comparability?

Mr. Comey. I’m not going to touch upon that. I keep in mind you asking me questions on that final week. I’m joyful to reply them once more.

Mr. Gowdy. You’ll not say whether or not or not it’s an unreasonable comparability to match permitting a number of attorneys, who’re additionally reality witnesses, to be current throughout an interview however discouraging one other individual from having counsel current?

Mr. Comey. I’m not going to reply that in a vacuum…

10. Comey Might Have Been Concerned With the Notorious Tarmac Assembly

One other fascinating vignette, this time from John Ratcliffe:

Mr. Ratcliffe. Okay. So it will seem from this that there had been some sort of briefing the day earlier than, on the subject of yesterday, June 27, 2016, the place you had requested a replica of emails between President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Comey. I see that it says that.

Mr. Ratcliffe. …The importance of that’s, as we talked about final time, June 27th of 2016 was additionally the date that Lawyer Common Lynch and former President Invoice Clinton met on a tarmac in Phoenix, Arizona. Do you recall whether or not or not this briefing was held at the FBI as a result of of that tarmac assembly, or was it simply occurred to be a coincidence that it was held on that day? Mr. Comey. It must have been a coincidence. I don’t keep in mind a gathering in response to the tarmac assembly.

Muh don’t know!

11. Comey confirms Obama knew Hillary Clinton was utilizing a compromised, insecure e mail server

Properly, spank me on the fanny and name me Nancy!

Mr. Ratcliffe. …Hillary Rodham Clinton and President Obama have been speaking by way of e-mail by way of an unsecure, unclassified server?

Mr. Comey. Sure, they have been between her Clinton account and his — I don’t know the place his account, his unclassified account, was maintained. So I’m sorry. So, sure, right here have been communications unclassified between two accounts, hers after which his cowl account.

Mr. Ratcliffe. …Did your evaluation of these emails or the content material of these emails influence your choice to edit out a reference to President Obama in your July fifth, 2016, press convention remarks?

If Trump had achieved 1/1,000,000th of this crap, he’d be — sure — breaking rocks in Leavenworth proper now.

However there’s no double-standard, rabble! Simply hold shopping for iPhones and enjoying Name of Obligation!

…Aaaaaaaaand I’m spent.

Okay, carried out for now.

However let’s recap the actions of Dr. “Higher Loyalty” Comey:

  • Didn’t examine the felony leak to the press of the dialog between the Russian Ambassador and Flynn.
  • Didn’t advise Congress of the “investigation” into Trump-Russia collusion as required by statute.
  • Lied to the FISA courtroom — one other felony — about Carter Web page being “an agent of a foreign power”.
  • Wrote an exoneration memo for Hillary Clinton earlier than greater than a dozen witnesses, together with Clinton herself, had been interviewed.

However, no, there’s no double-standard for the aggressiveness of regulation enforcement in relation to Democrats like Clinton and Obama.

Hat tip: BadBlue Uncensored Information.