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5 rules for successful actors (+ those self employed)

We all have rules. Or no less than we should always. Rules for successful actors. Rules for life. Rules that aren’t for rules sake.

Rules like….

I gained’t drink at residence on three faculty nights of the week.

Or – I gained’t sleep in on a Saturday.

Or – I’ll exercise 3 times every week.

(The sleep one isn’t mine – who sleeps in with a toddler anyway! Pullleaseeeee)

In case you are presently self employed, or need to be sooner or later, and if you wish to keep in the appearing recreation for the lengthy recreation, it’s worthwhile to know boundaries. It is advisable to set your self up with some onerous and fast work and appearing rules that you simply don’t break so you’ll be able to ensure you stay at your optimum – both in the course of the up’s and the down’s.

I’m a agency believer that some rules are made to be damaged. But some aren’t.

For example, I say cross the road if it’s a must to whenever you’re making a film when you can justify why you have to do it. One other instance is don’t depend on anyone else to do your stuff for you. You possibly can grasp that portray and open that pickle jar. You don’t need an enormous robust man (or lady) to do it for you.

However, in case you are like me, and a late afternoon espresso can hold you awake all night time watching paint attempt, you may attempt my onerous and quick espresso rule that I NEVER break – I don’t drink coffee after 3pm. I don’t ever need to have considered one of those nights again where caffeine has me observing my ceiling till dawn.

Some rules ought to be firmly fastened in place and not get tampered with. As a result of rules and limits are there for our own benefit and in order that we don’t mess ourselves up. Sooner or later in the early days, in all probability just around nursery and kindergarten time, we began to study the rules about lunch, and play, and sleep and other relevant faculty rules. Then once we acquired to college or school we learnt the rules about dishonest on exams. Then once we turned grownups we started to make our own rules, because we truly had the pre-thought to understand some stuff just works better with rules (I cringe once I think about my share flat rest room cleaning roster).

And that’s not a nasty factor. Those rules helps us survive. If something, I don’t assume that folks spend almost enough time truly dissecting their way of life and understanding good practices to reside by, or what is sweet for them, what’s not good for them, and what might or might not improve their productiveness*.

And furthermore, for the actor, or anyone who is self employed, I feel these five little rules can triple a person’s productiveness and well-being.

Did I really say triple?? Yes triple.

I’m operating three separate companies while auditioning, doing voiceovers and working from house. And I even have day without work with my household and away from social media. However it wasn’t all the time like this, belief me. I used to be a scorching mess and bounce about from activity to process, do the cleansing once I should do a self tape, and take a look at social media once I must be applying for auditions. But now, most individuals say ‘how do you fit it all in and stay so positive’. Nicely read on if you want to understand how!

Anyone is usually a time machine. Anybody could be a craic machine too (thanks Irish flatmates for that pearl of a line).

Allow me to supply my 5 rules for a productive actor (slash artistic freelance individual):

  1. Do your gratitudes as soon as you wake up

GratefulIn case you are a gratitude, affirmation kinda woman, you understand how fantastic they make you are feeling. But additionally they have superior scientific powers too. Gratitudes shift mindset and behaviours. From serving to you sleep better, to stopping you from overeating, they’ve been scientifically proven to be most wonderful for your well-being. And let’s face it….In an business that is all about professional rejection, you need to really feel great.

Gratitudes additionally fill you with completeness and help you respect all the things you could have as we speak, and right now. Not things you’re wishing for in the future.

Make it a rule that you will need to do your gratitudes as soon as you get up, and if time permits, additionally proper before bed.

A notice on that: I know for me personally I need to keep in mind to put in writing in my 5 minute Journal as soon as I wake up or I WON’T DO IT. As a result of if I don’t once I rise up, instantly it’s night time time and I’m about to fall asleep, and I realise once I go to write down my night time gratitudes that I utterly missed my morning ones.

And have you learnt what? My current (previous couple of years) day by day gratitude behavior has been one of many key reasons I am dwelling the life I am now – i.e. being a working actor and not having to rely on an “office day job”. Gratitudes and affirmations and meditation shifted my life in probably the most extraordinary method. So I know I need to hold doing it. But back to you…

I encourage any and each actor to have a day by day gratitude, affirmation or meditation apply. Or all three when you’ve got the time.

2. Don’t eat at your deskdon't eat at your desk

In case you are working from residence – maybe writing a script, studying strains, engaged on a self tape, and even wanting for auditions – be sure to eat away from that place of “work” for at the very least 15-20 minutes minimum. That point out will make you more productive whenever you return to your desk, so in precise reality it’s a time saver later. Plus you’ll truly take pleasure in and savour the food you’re eating. Meals is likely one of the wonders of our world. Why waste an superior every day ritual of enjoying a stunning lunch by scoffing it down, or worse, take no notice of it since you are so busy focusing in your appearing work and not allowing your physique to benefit from the sensory pleasures meals supplies.

But there’s also a much bigger fact to observing your consuming. Aware consuming means you gained’t overeat since you are focusing on what your body needs as you’re taking every chew. Once you take discover of what you’re consuming and take notice of when you’re full, you’re listening to the cues your brain is sending your stomach. Nevertheless, if you munch down a sandwich or your leftovers whereas being utterly distracted on the duty at hand, you can overeat and it will just contribute to an unhappy downward cycle.

Mindfulness is all the time good follow.

3. Concentrate on one activity at a time, wholeheartedly

Sounds straightforward proper? Incorrect.

It’s possible that you’ll have about 10-20 jobs you need to get completed in a day. And each of them could have various levels of importance depending on how much you take pleasure in them, whether they’ll make you cash, and the likes.

Sadly, when you flick by way of your tasks at hand like you would your twitter feed, you’ll not progress in a short time, and also you’ll additionally practice your appearing brain to be scatty.

On a piece day, start together with your record (on Trello should you’re a techy kinda individual or a written listing for those who’re old-fashioned like me) and then systematically prioritise them from 1-10. If the number one activity is just too giant to do in someday, then break it down into smaller chunks and put a 1 next to the part of the job you’ll work on at the moment.

As soon as your listing is numbered, start at 1.


Not at 4, because you love line learning. Not at 5 since you need to update your website. However at 1. There was a cause you gave it the very best priority, so start with it.

An organised follow of working systematically via your to-do listing will improve your productivity because you gained’t be leaping about from process to activity. Your mind will have the ability to concentrate on one factor, and give it the complete consideration it deserves.

And in case you’re like me, and typically your thoughts loves just a little wander, jot down the factor it wandered off to so you might have it on report, after which promptly maintain cracking away at your no 1.

Just be sure to take common breaks should you’re on a roll, even if it’s simply to walk to the kitchen to take a fast sip of water and back.

four. Don’t schedule coffee catch ups with mates in your ‘acting work days’Coffee catchup

In my early days of going into full-time actor mode I used to schedule in coffees and meetings and outing with buddies. It was bliss. But before I knew it, I used to be time poor and in addition coffee money poorer. See I used to be spending a lot time with associates enjoying my newfound freedom, I forgot that self employed individuals have to be precisely that – self employed and self using. I need to discover my very own work. Subsequently, all that point I was out hanging with mates talking about auditions or discussing this film or that (or nothing particularly), was time I wasn’t spending on my appearing business.

As an alternative, if you want to meet up with pals, or even take meetings with administrators and producers that don’t have to be set in stone, work them around your auditions. You’ll be making one journey as an alternative of two, thus saving time and money. And really, your appearing associates must be working as properly.

You’re better off inviting stated pal over to yours to work on a duologue or to do some self tape follow, and then permit 30 minutes on either aspect for your pal catch up time. This manner, you’re still working in your craft, and also you’re getting a chance to see your mate. Plus you possibly can put on a flowery pot of tea or a cafetiere and also you’ve possible spent half of what you’d in Venice Seashore, Surrey Hills or Soho.

5. Get sufficient sleep, water and trainsnooze

You might assume I’m dishonest putting all three of those little gadgets into one hefty rule title, but I’m not. These all relate to your common well-being and truly tie in superbly.

When you drink plenty of water within the first half of the day, it lowers your central core and means you spend the afternoon going to the toilet and flushing out your system. This lowers your physique temperature which suggests you’ll sleep higher at night time.

As well as this, train will work your physique causing you to sweat, and you’ll want water for that. But exercise may even imply you’ll be more drained later, and may have released a lot of good endorphins, and this too will promote an excellent night time’s sleep.

And what does sleep do – makes you look higher, means you’re extra alert, less cranky, more capable of keep in mind your strains, and on the whole, just makes you a happier human.

If you’ll skimp on something don’t let it’s water or sleep. Skimp on your Netflix consumption or the time you spend on social media. Trust me, less social media time won’t change your life in a damaging method.

So there we go… five essential rules for making certain you’re successful being self employed and dealing in your appearing. Gratitudes, consuming, meetings, activity focus and making sure you’re fed, watered and snoozing. I make it sound straightforward don’t I!

I welcome your ideas as you attempt these and I can’t wait to listen to if they have a constructive influence in your self employment.

*Learn that hyperlink for probably the most fantastic article on methods to improve your private productivity. By Ben Hardy. Right here is the link again.